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SANCTUM REGNUM Tomasz Bereźnicki


Here it is, Sanctum Regnum, the album that will convince you that the past, if you look at it through the prism of economics and finance, looks the same as the present - is equally terrible, at times grotesque and yet beautiful. Hard cover. Format 23,5 x 31 cm, 56 pages. CD with soundtrack included.



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Comics in English

Price: 30 CHF

BAŚŃ JAK NIEDŹWIEDŹ. POLSKIE HISTORIE. Gabriel Maciejewski (3 volumes)


Books in Polish language

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Price: 20 CHF per one volume

Publications in English

The heritage of two cultures


20 CHF

Guide book in 3 languages

Polish, English, German


15 CHF

Chopin's Europe

Hanna and Juliusz Komarnicki

Pamela and Iwo Załuski


49 CHF

Publication about Rapperswil and Polish Musuem



Roman Matuszewski and Jolanta Kozimor

Plundered and Rebuilt


25 CHF

Publications in Polish

Polish routes through Switzerland

79 CHF

Museum guide


15 CHF

Movie "Poland's heart"

Polish and German version


20 CHF

Z panteonu wielkich Polaków - Ignacy Jan Paderewski


25 CHF

Zmagania z historią.

Życie i twórczość Józefa Macikiewicza i Barbary Toporskiej


27 CHF

Józef Simmler.

(Polish and German)



Żołnierze Polscy Internowani w Szwajcarii (1940-1945)


49 CHF

Żołnierze Polscy Internowani w Szwjacarii (1940-1945)

Wersja CD


20 CHF

Kultura opactwa Sankt Gallen


20 CHF

Roman Matuszewski

i Jolanta Kozimor

Plundered and Rebuilt

25 CHF

Łowickie. Twórcy ludowi - twórczość ocalona


10 CHF

Łowickie. Twórcy ludowi


10 CHF

Publications in German

Markus Schmid

Teacher of the believing reason. John Paull ii and contemporaneity.

10 CHF

The Polish Museum in Rapperswil guide


15 CHF

Movie "Poland's heart"

(Polish and German language)


20 CHF

Józef Simmler.

(Polish and German language)



Wehmut? Wonach zum Teufel?

Tagebücher aus Frankreich

Band I 1940-41

Andrzej Bobkowski

33 CHF

Jan Sobieski.

Der Retter Wiens

Gerda Hagenau

41 CHF

Karl Dedcius

Polnische Profile


31 CHF

Jerzy Stempowski

Bibliothek der Schmuggler


27 CHF

Paweł Huelle

Verschollene Kapitel

Literarische Feuilletons

30 CHF

Friedrichshafener Jahrbuch

für Geschichte und Kultur



57 CHF

Polnische Malerei um 1900

Ausstellungskatalog. Polenmuseum Rapperswil


Jerzy Rucki

Die Schweiz im Licht


17 CHF

Swiss Museums guide


10 CHF

Halbinsel Au



35 CHF



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