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The Liberty Column

Kościuszko's Mausoleum


Memorial plaque

Stefan Żeromski

The Bar Column


The Bar Column also called ´The Liberty Column´ was raised in 1868 on Count Władysław Broël-Plater´s initiative. The authorship of the project of the column belongs to a Zurich Polytechnic architect, Julius Stadler, the eagle sculpture was made by a Swiss artist, Louis Wethli. The marble pillar was put up at the end of the Lindendorf cape; in 1870 it was replaced with an iron cast and moved to the castle´s courtyard, where it remained until the beginning of the sixties of the past century. Since 1968 it has remained in its present place (in front of the castle´s entrance). The existing surroundings of the column were designed by Zbigniew Pręgowski.

The mausoleum

of major general Tadeusz Kościuszko


Currently nonexistent. The mausoleum - a chapel in the Gunpowder Tower of the castle was since 1895 a depository for the urn containing the heart of gen. Tadeusz Kościuszko. The entrance portal was designed by Stanisław Noakowski, the inside paintings were created by a Munich artist and a resident of Rapperswil, Stefan Herweg. The urn was designed by a Polish sculptor living in Paris - Wincenty Trojanowski. The national relic was brought in thanks to the efforts of the members of Museum´s direction of the time as well as those of a composer Giuseppe Verdi and a poet Arrigo Boito.  The urn was transported to Warsaw in 1927 together with the Museum´s collections. At present it is held in the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The mausoleum was bricked up within the confines of the revaluation of the castle performed by Burgenverein in the sixties of the past century.

Headstone of the Polish Museum founders


In the north-eastern part of the castle, on a small courtyard, the headstone dedicated to its founders can be found. It commemorates Count Bröel-Plater (died in 1899), his wife- a famous German actress - Karoline Bauer (died in 1877) and Henryk Bukowski (died in 1900), a Polish emigrant and antique dealer from Stockholm, also a generous donor to the Polish Museum. The headstone was designed by a Swiss architect from Rapperswil, Xaver Müller.


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Memorial plaque dedicated to soldiers of the Second Riffle Division interned in Switzerland in 1940 - 1945.

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Photo by Ryszard Piotrowski

Stefan Żeromski's memorial plaque

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Memorial plaque in remembrance of Stefan Żeromski (1864 - 1925), a writer and a librarian of the Polish Museum in 1892 - 1896

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