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“In the future there will not exist a museum in the Castle of Rapperswil in its conventional sense representing Polish-Swiss relationships.” These were the words expressed by the Head of the Rapperswil Town Council, Erich Zoller, to the NZZ (25th September 2013) in a statement on the concept of the further uses of the Castle of Rapperswil.


We deeply regret that the Municipality and the Citizen’s Community of Rapperswil-Jona are considering following this one-sided view of a local media tycoon and reneging their official assurances given only a few months ago that the Polish Museum would stay in the Castle of Rapperswil.


The Polish Museum in Rapperswil Castle has stood for freedom and democracy for more than 140 years, advocating values sacred to the Polish and Swiss people alike.  It is an institution that furthermore has meticulously documented the history of the relationship between Switzerland and Poland and other eastern European countries.


The Polish Museum in Rapperswil Castle is fully integrated in the cultural life of Rapperswil.  It has always taken part in the “Long Night of the Museums”, hosed innumerable unforgettable concerts of works by famous composers, and provided a venue for book readings and discussions with many contemporary authors.  These events have often been free of charge both to locals and visitors.  The Museum has also been the site of many international scientific symposia focusing on various aspects of Polish-Swiss relations.  Abroad, the Polish Museum – and with it also Rapperswil - are perceived as a refuge for liberty and solidarity in a fight against totalitarian systems. It is a cultural institution which the Polish and Swiss people (citizens of Rapperswil among them) have created and which has made the name of Rapperswil known throughout the world.


Should this important cultural and historical linked to the Castle of Rapperswil really disappear?

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