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Count Władysław Broël-Plater, the founder of the Polish Museum, had in mind creating a center, which would bring together the representatives of the Polish exile. Thanks to numerous donations of artworks, heirlooms, militaria, archives and books the Museum´s collection, meager at first, grew up, soon occupying the whole castle. However Plater was not the only one who purchased the exhibits. Many of them were gifted by the Polish emigrants. Among those mostly merited to the expansion of the museum were Henryk Bukowski (1839 - 1900), an insurgent of 1863, later antique dealer and art connoisseur settled in Sweden, devoted to finding and purchasing the Polish historical relics scattered all over the world. Plater however, managed to gain the legacy and book collections of Joachim Lelewel, Leonard Chodźko and Ludwik Mierosławski, all deceased in exile.


After the Polish state was reborn and regained its independence, according to Plater´s last will Rapperswil´s collections were transported in 1927 to the homeland on a special train. Unfortunately during the World War II they were almost completely annihilated. The reminiscence of the collections can be still found in the National Museum, in the Museum of the Polish Army, in the Literature Museum and in the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The collections of the second Museum presented in 1936 – 1952 were sent back to the country as well. Two years later a Swiss-Polish Society of the Museum´s Friends was founded in Rapperswil. Thanks to the generosity of the Polish emigrants the present collection was created. It gives a testimony of the engagement and patriotism of the Polish exile.  Julian Godlewski, Adam Heymowski, Count Artur Tarnowski, Jan Nowak-Jeziorański, Iza Landsberger - Poznańska and Roman Umiastowski are the most merited donors to the Polish Museum.



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